Why Use Us

Why use the services of Community Best Home Loans?

The name says it all, “Community Best Home Loans“. Our aim is to find the best home loans and mortgages that will satisfy your needs. Home loans that will save you money, improve your finances and meet your lifestyle demands!

Whether you want a refinance home loan, debt consolidation loan, investment property loan, home improvement loan, home equity loan or construction loans, we can show you the home loans and solutions that will be best for you.

Better Home Loans and Mortgage Results

Not only do we want you to have the best home loan or mortgage, we also want you to achieve the best financial results from that home loan or mortgage.

We help home owners save money and do better with their home loans. Clients are experiencing noticeable reductions in the overall cost and interest burden of their home loans with some mentioning that the dream of being mortgage free is now more a reality than ever before.

“Past and present clients consistently tell us that as a result of our home loan, mortgage broker service they were better informed and advised about the procedures and technicalities of getting the best out of their home loan, and achieved far better lifestyle satisfying and financially beneficial results compared to their previous mortgage broker, lender relationships!”

Recommended List of Home Loan Lenders

We only recommend lenders that we judge to have acceptable home loan products, home loan processing standards and customer service that will be favourable to our clients in achieving better financial results.

We have access to approx. 45 lenders offering over 200 varying types of home loans and mortgage related products. These lenders are consistently scrutinised by a lending panel to ensure that only those offering an acceptable grade of products and service are included on the recommended list of lenders that we work with.

Better Home Loans and Mortgage Results

Our lender selection process is an integral part of our focus on you receiving the best home loan fit for your particular lifestyle and financial circumstances. We do not believe that the lowest interest rate always delivers the best result therefore we do not judge the viability or quality of a lender and their mortgage products on interest rate only!

Mortgage Planning

We also offer a Mortgage Planning Service where we carry out an analysis of your Assets, Liabilities, Risk Management, Retirement Savings, Cash flow, Money Habits, Wealth & Debt Aspirations and then present you with a simple easy to follow plan containing an assessment of how you can, successfully use your home loan and financial services in a way that represents  the lowest overall cost for your situation and set up a financial structure that will assist you in effectively managing your cash flow to eliminate debt and build wealth as quickly as possible while supporting your lifestyle.

To find out more about our Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Planner Service, call us on 1300 448 911 or email us your contact details and we will contact you.