Investment Property Loan

What is an Investment Property Loan?

To many an Investment Property Loan is simply a home loan used solely for the purpose of purchasing or refinancing an investment property. To some extent this is true, however there is more required within the features, functionality and structure of a true investment property loan, than that of an ordinary home loan being used for investment purposes.

The truth about Investment Property Loans

Professional property investors do not rely on the services of an everyday home loan broker or lender’s representative when arranging their Investment Property Loans. They choose to only deal with a home loan broker or brokerage firm who is fully conversant with investment properties and the functionality and features that are required within a true Investment Property Loan, as it is the features and functionality of a true investment property loan which gives the property investor the ability to maximise his cashflow and taxation benefits to the fullest.

Maximising taxation benefits lessens the amount of income tax payable thereby increasing the investor’s cashflow which is important as cashflow is the vital component that enables the investor to aptly maintain the investment or afford multiple investments.

People who deal with a mortgage broker or lender’s representative who is not properly skilled in the art of investment lending, run the risk of acting on incorrect information or insufficient information restricting them from receiving their full investment benefits or achieving their full investment potential, because they may not be totally aware of what can be fully achieved with their finances and/or how to correctly structure their finances.

General mortgage brokers and/or lender representatives tend to focus mainly on the
investors capability to borrow money and do not take into account the viability of the investor to maximise cash flow, build surplus funds, minimise taxation and enhance profit through the power of an appropriately structured Investment Property Loan.As a property investor it is vitally important to work with a Homeloan Specialist

or Credit Strategist who can assist you with an investment finance strategy that, will support you in building sustainable wealth through all varying property cycles and economic fluctuations.At Community BEST we focus on the needs of property investors, based on the understanding that your mortgage is an asset, not a liability and an investment property loan is an integral part of a strategy for making money, not just borrowing money.We intricately know and understand the power of mortgages and our Investment Finance Strategies have
proven to be extremely successful in assisting property investors to create a stable wealth platform from which to work for many, many years. We have access to Investment Property Loans that offer and/or support features like ‘Interest Payable in Advance, Capitalisation, Cash Flow Adjustment, Repayment Splitting, Split Loan functionality and Salary Packaging’. These Investment Property Loans can be used very effectively to support your investment needs.

Regardless of your financial situation and whether you may be in need of a Non-Conforming Loan, Debt Consolidation Loan, Low Doc Loan, No Doc Loan or Bad Credit Mortgage – Property Investment is still achievable with the right strategy. By working with Community BEST you will benefit from our extensive Knowledge and Understanding of Investment Property Loans and borrowing to Invest, enabling you to make more confident and better informed investment finance choices and decisions!